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Info Last Cover Name Sire Covering Sire
PIC / PED 3/27 Good Night Babe Clash By Night  Andiron
PIC / PED 3/28 Hokie Dots More than Ready Andiron
PIC / PED 4/1 Hey Hey Mama Rock Hard Ten  Andiron
PIC / PED 4/2 Romanova Burning Roma Andiron
PIC / PED 5/21 Beguiled Again Closing Argument  Andiron
PIC / PED 3/31 Officer in Pursuit Officer Andiron
PIC / PED 7/9 Tsunami Stryker Fairbanks Andiron
PIC / PED 6/13 Prosperity Avenue Yes its True Paddy O’Prado 
PIC / PED 6/17 Get Up Prenup Marsh Side 
PIC / PED 5/21 Shawklit Kisses Cape Canaveral Heavy Breathing 
PIC / PED 5/27 Portrait Setting Tethra Sir Shackleton 
PIC / PED 6/18 Sister Disco Lionhearted The Lumber Guy 
PIC / PED 5/29 An Earful Eavesdropper Dublin
PIC / PED 5/1 Twoformeoneforyou  Toccet Stonesider 
PIC / PED 5/3 Crept By Snuck In Southern Success 
PIC / PED 5/7 She Wears The Best Grand Slam  Bullet Train 
PIC / PED 5/1 Tia Chela Jump Start Bob and John 
PIC / PED 5/21 Stormy Danyelle Storm Broker Marsh Side 
PIC / PED 4/15 She’s Ten on Top Pyramid Peak Southern Success 
PIC / PED 4/19 Relentless Barbara Northern Afleet American Lion 
PIC / PED 3/20 Street Bird Street Cry General Quarters 
PIC / PED 5/22 Rosie Nights Clash by Night Stonesider
PIC / PED 4/9 Kristal Kiwi E Dubai Congaree
PIC / PED 5/4 All Night Special Clash by Night In The Woods 
PIC / PED 4/2 D.D. Nightstar Clash by Night In The Woods 
PIC / PED 5/3 Quiet Heiress Richter Scale In The Woods 
PIC / PED 5/20 Barbara’s Song Runaway Groom In The Woods 
PIC / PED 6/6 Fine Feline Tale of The Cat In The Woods 
PIC / PED 5/16 Sanson Peak Toccet In The Woods 
PIC / PED 5/3 Light N Easy River Keen Victory Isle 
PIC / PED 5/21 Miss Cat Ballou Sir Cat Victory Isle 
PIC / PED 7/6 Saratoga Social Saratoga Six Banachek 
PIC / PED 6/14 Fourty Nine Flags Miswaki Banachek 
PIC / PED 6/14 Mysouthernprincess Southern Success Banachek
PIC / PED 6/11 Distinctive Miss Husband Banachek
PIC / PED 5/14 Arpeggio Dixie Brass Banachek
PIC / PED 5/12 Successful Prenup  Southern Success Banachek
PIC / PED 5/20 Misty Isle  Digamist Banachek
PIC / PED 6/5 Mood Change Changeintheweather Banachek
PIC / PED 6/6 Divine Light  Repent Banachek
PIC / PED   Politelyprecocious Langfhur  
PIC / PED   Stars N Amber Ecton Park  
PIC / PED   Nasdaq Queen Kipper Kelly  
PIC / PED   Sweet Talkin Babe Judge Smells  
PIC / PED   Mama Get Even Stephen Get Even  
PIC / PED   Simply Sapphire Harlan’s Holiday  
PIC / PED   Peanutbutternjilly Alyten  
PIC / PED   Sky Red Sky Mesa  
PIC / PED   Sing it out Henny Hughes